Enable knowledge sharing.

Neubus' Document Management Service is built on our Electronic Service Delivery platform, allowing you to share information internally or beyond agency walls, with field offices, other government or institutional entities, or the general public.

Our Web services allow you to offer comprehensive search and retrieval features to your staff, partners, and constituents, regardless of their location. As the volume of your users and records grows, our system scales to support your needs. We can provide the client interface for your users or serve as the back-end repository for an existing business system. For documents displayed to the public, we offer redaction services to remove any personally identifiable information.

Neubus' unique solutions include full-text search functionality for all of your content, similar to the function of Google Search on the Internet.  Unlike paper files, where you are limited to searching within a specific folder or file cabinet, or other electronic document management solutions, which limit your searches to keywords entered during the capture process, Neubus' industry-leading, full-text search enables your staff to search across your entire collection of content.  This technology provides much greater insight and access to your information, speeding up the search process and making it easier for your users to find the information they need.

Using Neubus services, employees with proper permissions anywhere on your network can instantly access your images and data online. In addition to viewing the records, your staff members can leverage desktop editing tools to help them collaborate effortlessly, even if they are located throughout the state or country.

Whatever audience you serve, our services can help your agency become more efficient and reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with making information accessible to those who need it. By providing direct, online access to information and enabling users to collaborate in real-time, you can save money, reduce the time required to respond to field office or citizen requests, and enable knowledge sharing. 

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