Land Bank to Partner with NGT

One of the Land Bank’s goals is to support the development and preservation of urban agriculture and open space.  The Land Bank has worked with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, the Food Policy Advisory Council, the City’s Parks and Recreation and Health Departments and others to support gardeners’ access to City-owned land.

Now the Land Bank is now partnering with Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT).

Last summer, NGT examined 328 gardens across the city.  This review gave NGT valuable information about the conditions, capacity, and suitability of local gardens.

Using the information from this study, NGT and the Land Bank will review and assess existing applications for community gardens.  NGT will also research existing gardens operating on Land Bank-owned property.

This fall NGT will recommend a first group of gardens for long-term leases.  In early 2017 the Land Bank will offer leases of up to five-years. NGT may also serve as the leasing conduit and insurance holder for these gardens.

The Land Bank looks forward to working with NGT and to supporting local community gardeners across the city.

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