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Welcome to Philadelphia Land Bank’s Competitive Sales!

Use the arrows on our map below to review each property that is available for sale.  The property description and application requirements are listed under each property address.

To ensure a fair process, by default all properties are sold through Competitive Sales or a Request for Proposals. Anyone who expresses interest in a property will be notified when the property comes up for sale.

*Winning bids for the previous round of Competitive Sales will be announced no later than Friday, April 26th.

The following properties have been removed from the Competitive Sales inventory:

2533 S. 3rd Street

2846 Tulip Street

537 W. Berks Street

For information regarding Competitive Sales through the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, please visit the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority’s RFP/RFQ/Bids page

Previous Competitive Sales

  • 2211-13 W. Sergeant St.
  • 2502 N. 28th St.
  • 1812 N. Taylor St.
  • 111 E. Auburn St.
  • 2210 Latona St.
  • 1441 S. Fallon St.
  • 3010 W. Susquehanna Ave.
  • 1829 N. Taylor St.
  • 2147 E. Orleans St.
  • 2200 N. Cleveland St.
  • 2022 Kimball St.
  • 1252 N. 25th St.
  • 1925 N. Newkirk St.
  • 2108 E. Orleans St.
  • 3058 Joyce St.
  • 2533 S. 3rd St.
  • 1248-1252 S. 23rd St.
  • 2549 S. 3rd St.
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