Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Paulette Adams
Office of Councilwoman of Jannie L. Blackwell, Director of Community Development

Dominique Casimir
Deputy Director for Real Estate, Department of Public Property

Christian Dunbar
Deputy City Treasurer

Richard C. DeMarco, Esq.
Lauletta Birnbaum, LLC

Jennifer Kates, Esq.
Office of Councilwoman Helen Gym

Michael Koonce
Director of Special Projects, Office of the President of City Council

Majeedah Rashid
Chief Operating Officer, Nicetown Community Development Corporation

Rick Sauer
Executive Director, Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations

Lauren Vidas
South of South Neighborhood Association

Courtney Voss
Chief of Staff, Office of Councilman Bobby Henon, City Council of Philadelphia, 6th Council District



Angel Rodriguez

Christi Jackson
Director of Property Management

Susie Jarmon
Director of Property Disposition

Steve Cusano
Senior Counsel